Secure Storage and Access

VMware Content Locker lets user's safely and securely access enterprise content across multiple repositories. Using a single access point, a user can view, share, and download content across 30+ repos including Dropbox, Sharepoint, and Google Drive.


Content at the Forefront

The advancement of cloud storage has brought our society to a point where data and content is expected to be accessible no matter the time or the place. Creating an application that does just that, while keeping content secure was our goal. Keeping the experience simple, and the content at the forefront, we were able to impliment a simple UI that advocated what the user would expect.


Proposed Branding

While exploring branding for this storage app, the first thought was to distance our position from the softer, lighter colors used by apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, and create a system that is bold and energizing. The core of the app reamains simple and plain, and we thought we could bring a bold color to the UI to help elevate that core.


Rapid Prototyping

During the design process, there are instances that involve more interaction and motion than others. While tackling those instances, I use rapid prototyping to solve the problem, simultaneously creating an example to deliver to delevopers. These examples are crystal clear guides that developers can use to help in the engineering process.