Petsmart Grooming Redesign

We were briefed by Petsmart to evolve their existing grooming site into a rich, personalised, adaptive user experience. This experience was required to tailor to the type of pet, the size of pet, and age of pet that the user was looking to have groomed as well as work responsively across all devices, using the location of the user to easily identify the best location for them to take their pet.

With a great team effort, working collaboratively with the Petsmart UX and development team, we managed to hand off designs within the strict 2-3 months time limit we were given by the client. The redesign created a strong, user-centered design that not only tailors to the pet lover searching to find the right place to groom their pet, but it also caters to the selling needs of the most visited section of their website.


Homepage Design


Services Page Design


Agency: GSD&M

Role: Lead Interactive Designer

Art Direction: Joel Williams

Year: 2015

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